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Legal Hemp THCa

Explore Excellence with Our 99% THCa Diamonds, THCa Isolates, and Premium Hemp D9 THC - Surpassing Expectations GUARANTEED!

We specialize in providing the finest

99% THCa Diamonds in various sizes 💎

99% THCa Isolate ❄️

HEMP D9 THC (HD9) ⚗️

Our products are of the highest quality guaranteed. Ensuring a premium experience for our customers.

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THCa Diamonds
THCa Isolate
Hemp D9 THC

THCa Diamonds 💎

Get the Best: 99% THCa Diamonds in Various Sizes

Peak Purity: Our THCa Diamonds offer an impressive 99% purity.

Size Variety: Choose from a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Compliance Assured: Each purchase comes with a hemp-compliant Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Limited Availability: Don't miss out on this premium product – get yours today!

Elevate your experience with our top-grade THCa Diamonds.

XL Diamonds 1g@$30 - 5g@ $65 - 10g@$120 - 28g@$280 - 100g@$850

Lrg Diamonds 1g @$26 - 5g @$60 - 10g@ $105 - 28g@$260 - 100g@$800

Med Diamonds 1g@$24 - 5g@ $55 - 10g@$100 - 28g@$245 - 100g@$760

Sml Diamonds 1g@$24 - 5g @$50 - 10g@$90 - 28g@$240 - 100g@$720

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All orders are shipped within 5-7 days.

THCa Isolate ❄️

Experience Pure Excellence with Our 99% THCa Isolate

Unmatched Purity: Boasting a 99% purity level, our THCa Isolate offers a superior experience.

Terpene-Free: Our isolate is completely terpene-stripped for a versatile, neutral base.

Legally Compliant: Adhering to the Hemp Farm Bill, it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Visibly Pure: Its pristine white color reflects its unmatched quality.

Your premium choice for purity and compliance.

THCa Isolate 1g@$22 - 5g@$50 - 10g@$75 - 28g@$200 - 100g@600

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All orders are shipped within 5-7 days.

Hemp D9 THC HD9 ⚗️

Discover the Excellence of A++ HD9 – Ideal for Edibles and Vapes

Perfectly Suited: Our A++ HD9 is expertly crafted for use in both edibles and vapes.

PH Neutral: Experience a balanced, neutral formulation for maximum versatility.

Extensively Refined: Each batch undergoes extensive washing for unparalleled purity and cleanliness.

Minimal Taste or Smell: Enjoy a product with minimal inherent taste or odor – just add terpenes and it's ready to go.

Hemp-Derived Quality: Sourced from premium hemp, HD9 represents the finest quality available.

Don't wait – elevate your experience with our top-tier A++ HD9. Get yours now!

HD9 THC 12g@$75 - 50g@$250 - 100g@$350 - 500g@$1,400 - 1,000g@$2,100

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All orders are shipped within 5-7 days.

Customer Reviews

The THCa diamonds from THCa Diamonds are absolutely incredible. The quality is unmatched and the effects are powerful. Highly recommend!


I've tried many THCa isolates but none come close to the quality of THCa Diamonds. The purity and potency are exceptional.


THCa Diamonds' HEMP D9 THC is top-notch. The taste and effects are outstanding. Will definitely be ordering more.


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All orders are shipped within 5-7 days.